Level 5: Social Exposures Group

Social Exposure Groups are modeled after Adventure Camp field trips.  This group involves imaginal exposure, role-play, preparation, and in-vivo exposure.  The purpose of this group is to help transfer treatment gains into the community setting. These groups are for children who have reached goals in the clinic, school, and/or community setting individually, and who have progressed enough to take their new skills into a more public arena. For children who suffer from social anxiety/phobia with or without selective mutism, community exposures can serve as a catalyst for generalization into new settings.

Social Exposures Group is not a long-term commitment; you can select the events you would like your child to attend. The group is innovative and useful for children with situation-specific symptoms that are the hallmark of selective mutism and/or social anxiety. With this group, ATS Therapists can take your child to the next level of exposure by being in the community with your child and treating symptoms in-vivo in a group setting. 

By participating in this group, instead of paying for an individual community session with an ATS therapist, you split the cost with other families and avoid a travel fee. 

The prerequisites for Level 5 groups are as follows:

Readiness for this group can also be demonstrated by the following:

In the past 6 months, has:

If you are not sure if your child meets these prerequisites, talk it over with your child's ATS therapist. If it has been over three months since your child has been in treatment at ATS, then a refresher session may be necessary to reacquaint your child. 

If it has been over 6 months since your child has been in treatment at ATS, or your child has never received treatment at ATS, and you think this group is ideal for your child's needs, please contact ATS at 630-230-6505 Ext 1 to set up an intake evaluation or click here to request an appointment.


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