Level 4: Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics is ATS’s advanced intermediary outpatient group. Lego Robitics Group Therapy at ATS requires verbal participation and collaboration with peers. It is intended for those further along in their recovery, where interaction with peers is expected. The group is specifically designed to continue practicing speaking and socially participating in groups, while navigating group dynamics to successfully complete group projects. Therapeutic group goals include: 1) habituating to speaking and social anxiety, 2) increasing assertiveness within a group, 3) increasing verbalization within a group, 4) creating an awareness of group roles and rules, and 5) practicing flexibility while working in a group format. 

The prerequisites are as follows:

Readiness for this group can also be demonstrated by the following:

If you are not sure if your child meets these prerequisites, talk it over with your child's ATS therapist. If it has been over three months since your child has been in treatment at ATS, then a refresher session may be necessary to reacquaint your child. If you think an introductory group is more appropriate, then consider Come PlayCourage Club or Social Thinking Group.

If it has been over 6 months since your child has been in treatment at ATS, or your child has never received treatment at ATS, and you think this group is ideal for your child's needs, please contact ATS at 630-230-6505 Ext 1 to set up an evaluation or click here to request an appointment. 

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adventure camp vs traditional therapy


Adventure CampTraditional Therapy
$95/hr x 35hrs (5 units are parent guidance) $180 - $240/hr x 35 hrs
$3,325 $6,300 - $8,400
1 week (saved 7.25 months of time) 30 weeks (7 1/2 months)
See gains quicker Takes longer to see gains

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Benefits of Group Therapy

*Provides a safe space
*Reduces isolation and alienation
*Normalizes suffering
*Allows the giving and receiving of support
*Helps with finding individual voice
*Enables the expression of feelings/needs
*Assists in the building of self-esteem and social skills
*Offers a cost-effective approach

Check out the APA or PsychCentral for more information on the benefits of group therapy.