Level 1: Come Play Therapy Group

Of all the groups at ATS, Come Play is intended to be the "easiest" one. It is meant to serve as the introduction to groups at ATS. Once your child can verbally interact in Come Play, you will know they are eligible for other group opportunities offered at ATS. Therefore, this group is appropriate for children who are just starting out on their group experiences at ATS. 

The prerequisites are as follows:

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If you are not sure if your child meets these prerequisites, talk it over with your child's therapist. If it has been over three months since your child has been in treatment at ATS, then a refresher session may be necessary to reacquaint your child. 

If it has been over 6 months since your child has been in treatment at ATS, or your child has never received treatment at ATS, and you think this group is ideal for your child's needs, please contact ATS at 630-230-6505 extension 1 to set up an intake evaluation or click here to request an appointment.

adventure camp vs traditional therapy


Adventure CampTraditional Therapy
$95/hr x 35hrs (5 units are parent guidance) $180 - $240/hr x 35 hrs
$3,325 $6,300 - $8,400
1 week (saved 7.25 months of time) 30 weeks (7 1/2 months)
See gains quicker Takes longer to see gains

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