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ATTENTION Educators and Health Providers! Receive FREE training in selective mutism through ATS' Adventure Camp Counselor program! This short-term program is ideal for those looking to gain time-limited hands-on training in working with a student with selective mutism. Join ATS in our cause to spread awareness and address limited resources for those coping with selective mutism by applying to be a camp counselor. Click here for more detailed info.

ISBE and IDFPR credit available for this training, sponsored by STAR NET! Clik to read more.

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Counselor Recruitment for 2019 is now open! Click here to stay updated on counselor recruitment announcements.

2020 Camps:

       Winter Adventure 2020 Counselor Recruitment Flyer - Open for applications!

       Adventure Camp 2020 Counselor Recruitment Flyer - Open for applications!

Deadlines to apply are as follows:

How to Apply:

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What to Expect:

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Initial SM Didactics & Team-Building 2-Day Seminar: Counselor Training takes place at 600 22nd Street, Suite 250, Conference Room, Oak Brook, IL, 60523. Training is provided by Dr. Carmen Lynas, Director of the Selective Mutism Program, Advanced Therapeutic Solutions. Counselors are trained in evidence-based exposure therapy techniques to address selective mutism. Counselors will also participate in team-building exercises to foster a cohesive camp team.

The training Adventure Camp takes place yearly in mid-June. Attending the two-day training seminar is required to participate. Earn ISBE and IDFPR credit for the two-day training, sponsored by STAR NET. Click to read more.

Winter Adventure is open for previous AC counselors. If slots remain, new counselors are accepted and provided with an abreviated, one-day training seminar.

Lead-in Sessions: Counselors meet with a Camper individually at the Oak Brook location.*  

Every lead-in session is supervised by a member of ATS's clinical team. During the session (up to 60 min duration), the Counselor uses the techniques learned in training to gently facilitate verbal output in a non-threatening play therapy room, all the while receiving live supervision. When the camper is ready, we gradually slide in a second Counselor, followed by another camper. When the child is able to respond to two counselors in the presence of another child, he/she graduates from lead-in sessions and is ready for camp. Lead-in sessions range on average between 3-8 per camper, but can be more based on severity of symptoms.

Lead-in sessions start in January for Winter Adventure and in July for Adventure Camp.

Camp: Camper to Counselor ratio is 1:1. Each counselor therapeutically facilitates and immediately reinforces verbal output of their assigned camper.  


Below is a list of the upcoming camp dates:

2020 Dates

You are expected to arrive one hour before camp (8am) and stay until one hour after camp (4pm) for our team meetings. 

Graduate Students/Medical Students/Nursing Students: Note that training and camp may count towards practicum or field work hours.  Be sure to ask your school's training director.

*Protocol is different for out-of-town campers/counselors. Click here for more information.


“I would strongly urge anyone to please, definitely, get into this program because it just provides so much as a clinician, and I’ve taken so much away from it.” - Social Worker




AC Counselors 2017



Interns playing with our volunteer role-play kids!



 Counselors learn about SM during the didactics portion.



Counselors role-play with each other to practice the AC protocol.



2-day didactics ends with practicing the AC protocol with real kids who volunteer to role-play while counselors spread out to watch and await their turn.