Lisa StoneLisa Stone is currently a sophomore at the University of Dayton working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in History. After receiving her B.S., she plans to pursue graduate school and achieve a doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus on treating depression and anxiety.  Lisa has previous experience working with children ranging in abilities. In the past, she has taught piano lessons to students age 6 to 15 with special needs.  This experience helped Lisa become skilled at both appreciating and adapting to each child’s unique strengths. She has also participated in the Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble at the University of Dayton, which helps teach music to a diverse population including international students, entry-level musicians, and visually impaired individuals. Her desire to become a clinical psychologist stems from her grandfather who ran his own private practice for over 30 years, helping many improve the quality of their lives. Upon returning to school this fall, she plans to aid her professor’s research regarding self-esteem and body image. During her internship at ATS, Lisa is eager to learn about treatment of selective mutism, while gaining experience supporting professionals in private practice.  She is extremely excited to be a part of the Adventure Camp team and is looking forward to helping campers and their families this summer!


Anna KuleszaAnna Kulesza is a recent graduate of DePaul University with a Bachelor's degree in Art and Psychology. She plans to pursue a Master's degree and an eventual Ph.D. in Art Therapy. Her desire to help others stems from living in a community where resources were scarce, and seeing how genuine help was beneficial and truly appreciated. Because of her experience, Anna is dedicated to giving to those in need. During her senior year at DePaul, Anna volunteered at the South Chicago Art Center where she witnessed how creative play and art-making stimulates an encouraging learning environment. Anna also taught art classes and helped facilitate group projects such as a community garden, where children learned to work together while producing a more sustainable neighborhood. During her time at ATS, she is particularly interested in how engaging in creative processes and interventions through play therapy can significantly impact children with selective mutism. After graduate school, she hopes to support adolescents using art therapy as a means of coping with traumatic experiences. Anna is honored and thrilled to be a part of ATS. She is eager to learn much from the Adventure Camp team, as well as the children and their loving families.


Jackie Pabis Jacqueline (Jackie) Pabis is currently attending the University of Missouri- Columbia and will be graduating in May 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology as well as a minor in Human Development & Family Studies. Afterwards, she plans to continue to graduate school and pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology. During 2015, Jackie worked as a research assistant under a team of graduate professors at her university’s Youth Depression and Anxiety Lab.  She focused on assessing what psychological methods adolescents use when dealing with mixed emotions in controversial situations. The methods were then compared with what coping mechanisms were most often used when depression or anxiety were present. Jackie also has a background of working directly with children with physical, mental, and behavioral issues through activities such as coaching gymnastics, or adaptive skiing.  Her prior experience helping children overcome barriers and achieve challenging personal goals has helped Jackie recognize her passion for working with youth. She would like to focus on helping children and adolescents thrive throughout her career as a clinical psychologist. Jackie feels honored to have an opportunity to learn from Advanced Therapeutic Solutions as an intern.  She is looking forward to helping children reach their greatest potential, while supporting the clinical team as they provide treatment for selective mutism.


Laila KothiyaLaila Kothiya is a student at Middlesex University Dubai. She is originally from India and traveled to Oak Brook, IL to intern at Advanced Therapeutic Solutions this summer! She is currently pursuing a joint Bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology with Counseling, expected in 2017. During her studies, Laila has developed great: interest for clinical psychology and professional counseling. She enjoys conducting research, helping others and supporting children, youth, and adults. In Dubai, Laila volunteered to assist children at a Child  Early Intervention Medical Center exhibition. During the exhibition, Laila encouraged companionship and appropriate behaviors as children played games, and she also helped organize age-appropriate activities for the participants. This experience helped Laila realize her passion for working with children, establishing her curiosity to learn more about early intervention. Laila also wants to help individuals with mental illness overcome social stigma and lead fulfilling lives. She is elated to be an intern at ATS where she hopes to gain experience in the field of psychology, in addition to learning more about selective mutism. Laila is eager to use the skills she develops to further her professional goals, and ultimately help others improve the quality of their lives.


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THANK YOU to our wonderful Summer 2015 College Interns! We look forward to hearing updates from you as you continue your journey in psychology.


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