If your child is a current patient and you have not received the link, call 630-230-6505.

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If you are new to ATS, you will need to complete an initial evaluation, which consists of three sessions at our Oak Brook location: the Diagnostic Evaluation (Session #1), Child Observation & Parent Training (Session #2), and Parent Feedback Session (Session #3). It is ideal to schedule your initial evaluation as early as possible. Following the Diagnostic Evaluation and Child Observation sessions (#1 and #2), there will be a Parent Feedback session (Session #3) in which you and your ATS therapist will discuss whether or not Winter Adventure/Adventure Camp is an appropriate treatment option for your child. For out-of-town families, coordination of sessions is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Intake Coordinator to discuss your needs. To schedule an evaluation for your child, call 630-230-6505 or click here to submit an appointment request.

Even if registration is full and you join the waiting list, it is highly recommended that you proceed with an intake evaluation in case a slot opens up. At times, we have slots opening up a few weeks to a few days before camp.  Most of the time this is because we have counselors not able to commit too early in the year but are able to do so closer to the camp date. We will start with 21 camper slots. As we recruit more counselors, more slots open up. If you have already completed the intake evaluation process in advance, your child is more likely to be able to secure a slot.



****************OUTPATIENT TREATMENT************

Outpatient treatment is available year-round.  We offer:

- Diagnostic Assessment of SM

- School Observation and School Consultation

- all-day intensive treatments (includes verbal shaping in the community and school)

- Guidance with 504 and IEP goals

- Home and Community Visits

- Group Therapy tailored specifically for children with SM or Social Anxiety

- Social Exposures Group in the community to keep practicing goals with others in a fun way!


Visit for information about our services, or call for an appointment.

T 630-230-6505

F 630-230-3362


Registration for Adventure Camp is NOW CLOSED. If interested, please fill out the contact form and indicate that you are interested in the summer camp. A registration packet will be sent to you.




“And [Adventure Camp] just stretched his whole [world], I think his world is going to be astronomically changed through this.”
- Mother of 13-yr-old


“The monster in our closet was kindergarten. What are we going to do when Kindergarten rolls around? He’s not going to be able to sit in a chair next to another child, he’s not going to be able to tell the teacher he needs to use the restroom, he’s not going to be able to tell someone he’s not feeling well, and I think for all those reasons, when we first heard of the idea of Adventure Camp, and sort of serendipity with when it would be in regards to when he would start Kindergarten, it seemed like this really, really great idea that could potentially really affect a positive change in his life … In a matter of months … the progress he made … was just mystifying.” - Father of Kindergartener



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Prize Store: where children cashed in their points at the end of the day, every day!