Winter Adventure!

Winter Adventure is a one-day intensive group treatment for selective mutism.

Winter Adventure Regstration opens one week Early for current ATS Patients, followed by General Registration which opens a week later. Registration occurs in November.

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Similar to Adventure Camp, Winter Adventure simulates a classroom setting within a therapeutically supportive environment.  Using exposure-based therapy, children are led through a series of verbal exposure opportunities that start small and grow larger as the day progresses. Each child has their own counselor who provides them with the scaffolding needed to meet each challenge, fostering confidence in each child.

Why Winter Adventure?

Winter Adventure provides a one-day intensive dose of treatment that can serve to jump start traditional therapy, or it can also be a "booster" to therapy graduates, specifically Adventure Camp graduates.

If your child has started or is about to start outpatient therapy, Winter Adventure can help to expedite treatment.  With the intensity of the lead-in sessions to prepare for camp days prior, as well as the six hours of intensive treatment done in one day, your child has the opportunity to accomplish as much results, or perhaps even more results, than what you can accomplish with 1-hr therapy sessions over six weeks.  Exposure therapy research supports the notion that frequency and duration of sessions are keys to successful resolution of anxieties and phobias; we at ATS see that evidence first-hand in our work with SM kids.  

If your child has completed Adventure Camp and you would like a booster dose to help rekindle their motivation, the one-day Winter Adventure camp can serve that purpose, too.  Adventure Camp families and counselors remember all too well what a rush camp week was, and the way it invigorated and empowered the campers, parents, and the counselors!  But sometimes the momentum starts to wane mid-year.  Winter Adventure is a great place to rejuvenate that rush to help keep campers motivated to face the rest of the school year.

If you are thinking about the one-week summer Adventure Camp for your child, Winter Adventure's one-day program can serve as a nice preview, allowing you and your child to see what it's like for one day.


REGISTRATION FOR 2020 will open in November 2019. Click here to be notified.


  • NOVEMBER 22, 2019 10am CST - Early Registration opens for current patients
  • NOVEMBER 29, 2019 10am CST - General Registration opens

  Click here to review the Winter Adventure 2019 Parent Packet. Winter Adventure 2020 Packet will be available in Fall 2019.

  • Parents will receive lead-ins schedule by the end of December
  • January 4th-18th, 2020 - Lead-in sessions will occur
  • Winter Adventure takes place on MLK Day, January 20, 2020 from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm CST

We are excited to share that 91% of the 2016 Campers showed improvement in the School Domain from the Baseline measure to the 3-Month Post Camp measure, and 95% of 2016 campers showed improvement in the Public/Social Domain from the Baseline measure to the 3-Month Post Camp measure. Further analyses are to be completed to determine statistical significance and clinical significance of these findings, but here we present to you our preliminary findings to date. Click here to download the power point slides and watch both presentations below.

Program Highlights