"The monster in our closet was kindergarten. What are we going to do when Kindergarten rolls around? He’s not going to be able to sit in a chair next to another child, he’s not going to be able to tell the teacher he needs to use the restroom, he’s not going to be able to tell someone he’s not feeling well, and I think for all those reasons, when we first heard of the idea of Adventure Camp, and sort of serendipity with when it would be in regards to when he would start Kindergarten, it seemed like this really, really great idea that could potentially really affect a positive change in his life.”

“Mornings he was nervous about going, but once we got there and he got into his routine, he was very excited. He had a sticker sheet where he could earn stickers every day for using his brave talk. Every day, he would come out bravely showing his massive amount of stickers!”

“The camp actually gave him a lot of tools and just the experience, the hands on experience of going out on field trips, talking to people that he needed something from, or that asked him a question, he was actually able to reply without, you know, covering his mouth, or looking down and away.”

“Dr. Lynas had arranged for a series of lead-in sessions as part of the camp, and my understanding is the purpose is to gauge is readiness for the camp, but also to acclimate him to his counselor, and even acclimate him to some of the other children that he may be seeing in the camp, and I think those were really, really helpful.”

“The greatest benefit of the program is that it’s such intensive treatment … the kids were there about 30 hours for the week, so if you think about that, you go for a weekly session with a psychologist, it would take 30 weeks to get to the same place.”

“They had a great thing at the camp, where they had a Parents Discussion group during the lunch hours, and those were enormously fruitful for me.”

“The experience was really good, it was really nice meeting other parents who are going through the same struggles that our kids are going through.”

“As it turns out, he had such a good time there, and he enjoyed it so much, that that excitement and anticipation transitioned right from camp to kindergarten.”

“A couple of weeks ago, in Kindergarten, he was supposed to bring something for show n tell, and when I said ‘do you know what you’re going to say about it, are you nervous,’ he said ‘Mom, I did this in camp, it’s no big deal.”

“He does wonderfully now when it comes to speaking to adults. He does wonderfully when it comes to participating in activities where children are nearby, physically; he can verbalize in those situations, which he could never do before.”

“He’s getting a lot of feedback from teachers about him raising his hand, about him being articulate and answering questions, he can perform his oral presentations in front of the class.”

“He wants to go to school, he wants to see his friends, he’s learning, and he’s excited, and he’s telling me about the great things about school, not just the scary things.”

“It’s just one of the tools that’s going to help your child. It’s not a cure-all. I think I myself went in thinking that this week was gonna fix him, cure him, and he’d be completely fine after camp, so I think that’s important to realize, that it’s one step in the process. I think we have a long road ahead of us, but my husband and I both feel more confident that we know what to do, we know where to seek the right help, that we’re doing everything we can for him.”

“He’s happier, he’s coming home from school, and he’s smiling, and mornings aren’t tear-inducing for both of us, because he doesn’t want to go and screaming ‘I don’t want to go!’; he’s not doing that.”

“I actually got an email from his teacher last week that he was talking too much to his friends at school, and if I could address that with him, and I was laughing for about an hour before I could even respond because I never, EVER would have thought that I would be getting an email from the teacher saying he was talking too much and disrupting the class, and yet, he was!”

“In a matter of months … the progress he made … was just mystifying.”

“And [Adventure Camp] just stretched his whole [world], I think his world is going to be astronomically changed through this.”


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