Adventure Camp 2019: Early Registration opens for current patients on January 25th at 10am CST.  If your child is a current patient and you have not received the link to register, call 630-230-6505.

General Registration is NOW OPEN!  Click here to register!

 Adventure Camp - Five-Day Group Intensive

Date: 2019 Dates: Aug 5-9 
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Timothy Christian School, 188 W Butterfield Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126



Registration is NOW OPEN! Click here to register!

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The one-day camp, Winter Adventure, takes place on Martin Luther King day in January from 9am-3pm.  The summer week-long camp, Adventure Camp, is typically the first or second week of August, M-F, from 9am to 3pm.

Lead-in sessions are necessary to prepare for camp. During the lead-in sessions, your child is gently exposed to one counselor, then counselor #2, and then eventually to another camper, thus expanding his/her social interaction from 1 person to 3 people. Once your child is able to respond to the counselors in front of another camper, he/she is ready for camp. The lead-in sessions are not like general meeting sessions. Therapeutic methods are used in the lead-in sessions to facilitate and reinforce verbal communication and prepare your child for the camp.

Camp takes place in a simulated classroom with activities that are developmentally appropriate for your child and similar to the school setting. Each child is paired with a counselor who facilitates verbal responses and immediately reinforces verbal output with a sticker (contingent reinforcement). At the end of the day, stickers are counted for a prize.


WINTER ADVENTURE! 2019 will be on MLK Day, Jan 21st, 9am-3pm. Registration opens in November, 2018. Click here to be notified.

Lead-in sessions for Winter Adventure Camp 2019 will take place at the beginning of January 2019. To participate in Winter Adventure, we recommend you schedule your child's evaluation by fall 2018, before registration opens in November. Call our intake coordinator for scheduling at 630-230-6505 or email


We provide treatment year-round! Including going to your child's school and working with their educators. If you are interested in outpatient services for your child, please visit


Click here to see ABC's Nightline coverage of Brave Buddies 2011 summer camp.

Please visit the FAQs page to read questions posed by other parents.

*Winter Adventure Camp fee is $510. Summer Adventure Camp fee is $2,975.

The following lists the field trips and curriculum expectations for Adventure Camp:

- Visit frozen yogurt shop / smoothie shop and practice ordering in public

- Balloon workshop: learn how to make balloon animals, age range 4 and up

- Mad Science visits: learn how to make slime, age range 4 and up

- Pet therapy dogs visit to practice verbalizations and assertiveness

- Librarian story teller visit to practice verbalizations in group setting with community facilitator

- Scavenger Hunts; practice asking where items are at a local store (Home Depot)

- Fire/Police Department tour; visit Brave fire/policemen

- Itasca Spring Brook Nature Center; all-day field trip, similar to school expectations; goal is to generalize gains in community; age range child through adults.

- Pirates Cove amusement park, age range 2-9.

- Escape Room, ages 9 and up

*All field trips will include role-playing prior to the event to help the child prepare with questions, responses, and a plan to participate. Each activity is scheduled by degree of difficulty in terms of verbal output and level of participation, starting with easiest first and increasing in difficulty as the week (and your child) progresses. Each child is paired with a counselor every day, who serves as your child’s buddy to immediately reinforce verbal output and/or help coach your child through any difficulties with verbal responses.

The curriculum for younger children will focus on using their brave and reinforcing verbal output immediately, followed by an overall prize at the end of the day. Prizes are chosen based on your child’s interests, so that it has enough motivational power!

The curriculum for older children focuses on identity formation, confidence building, and intrinsic motivation to change mutism behavior. There is age-appropriate psychoedcuation about stress, anxiety, and how to counter old patterns. Verbal output is also immediately reinforced, along with an overall prize at the end of the day.

Winter Adventure takes place on MLK Day in January, 9am-3pm, at Advanced Therapeutic Solutions, 600 W 22nd Street, Suite 250, Oak Brook, IL, 60523. Adventure Camp takes place the first week of August at an area school near Oak Brook. Click here to be updated about Adventure Camp.

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adventure camp vs traditional therapy


Adventure CampTraditional Therapy
$85/hr x 35hrs (5 units are parent guidance) $150 - $190/hr x 35 hrs
$2,975 $5,250 - $6,650
1 week (saved 7.25 months of time) 30 weeks (7 1/2 months)
See gains quicker Takes longer to see gains

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Adventure Camp Study Update 2016

We are excited to share that 91% of the 2016 Campers showed improvement in the School Domain from the Baseline measure to the 3-Month Post Camp measure, and 95% of 2016 campers showed improvement in the Public/Social Domain from the Baseline measure to the 3-Month Post Camp measure. Further analyses are to be completed to determine statistical significance and clinical significance of these findings, but here we present to you our preliminary findings to date. Click here to download the power point slides and watch both presentations below.


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